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Six characteristics of buying coaxial RF connectors

Author:Six characteristics of buying coaxial RF connector Date:8/29/2021 10:13:56 PM
     RF Coaxial connectors can be used to transmit radio frequency signals with a transmission frequency range of up to 110 GHz. It has the advantages of small size, light weight, convenient use, etc., and is widely used in fields such as radar, communications, data transmission and aerospace equipment. With the development of these industries, the requirements for RF coaxial RF connectors are getting higher and higher, and the demand is also increasing.


The coaxial RF connector can be used to extend the RF cable or customize the RF cable on site. If you want to buy a suitable connector product, you should first know its characteristics.


1. There are many varieties and specifications. There are more than 20 international universal series of radio frequency coaxial connectors, with many subdivided varieties and specifications, so you need to distinguish carefully when purchasing.


2. Ensure electrical characteristics through mechanical structure. The radio frequency coaxial connector is a mechatronic product, which is essentially different from other low-frequency connectors. The quality of the mechanical structure directly determines the quality of the product.


3. The processing method of the part. The radio frequency coaxial connector is mainly processed by a lathe, and it is difficult to automatically assemble because of many manual operations. Therefore, the production cycle is longer than other connectors.


4. Product updates are slow. Coaxial RF connectors appeared relatively late, and current updates are relatively slow. There are several major signals in the market.


5. Production technology. Radio frequency coaxial connectors are labor-intensive products with a certain technical content, which require high production capacity of manufacturers.


6. Reasons for failure. The failure modes and mechanisms of RF coaxial connectors are complex, and professional RF engineers are required to perform failure analysis.