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The welding process of SMP RF connector

Author:alan Date:10/28/2021 8:20:03 AM
 SMP connectors play the role of connecting or disconnecting coaxial cables, microstrip circuits, and transmitting signals in microwave circuits. It is an important function to realize electrical connection and signal transmission between modules and modules, components and components, systems and subsystems, etc. element.

SMP connectors have good broadband transmission characteristics and convenient and reliable connection methods, and are widely used in many fields such as satellites, radars, and communications.


The welding of SMP RF connectors includes the following five processes:


1. Clean the mounting holes of the SMP connector and housing


2. Brush the soldering flux on the position to be soldered in the mounting hole


3. Install the SMP connector and solder ring in the mounting hole


4. Put the SMP connector into the mounting hole, press the plug of the spring pin against the SMP connector, and then fix the spring pin with the stopper and fix the stopper.


5. Weld the SMP connector with the shell


Standard welding operation is conducive to maintaining product consistency and quality stability.